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Energy Bar is a unique combination of almonds, dates, chia, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and inulin. The interim report for the period of January-September will be published on 13th of November, contrary to earlier communications.

Zinzino continues to deliver strong growth and is well prepared for increased profitability The first quarter of for Zinzino AB publ. We have the potential to reach one billion customers in the markets we have opened. Accumulated for January-Septembertotal revenues amounted to In addition to launching a new digital platform, the new product Viva was launched and Zinzino opened for business in Switzerland.

A healthy meal, perfect before or after training, or as a meal on the go. Energy Bar is free from gluten and lactose and all ingredients are vegan certified. Growth also continued in Finland and Germany, and there has been an increase in customers in Latvia and Lithuania.

Most markets showed strong growth during the quarter. BalanceOil Vegan adds vitally important fatty acids to the body and is a unique, patented blend of three oils: Our IT department have been notified Registration will start at. The full press release: A number of logistics and marketing projects were also completed during this quarter.

The total revenues for the fourth quarter amounted to Investment in new technology over this period means they are now well prepared for maintaining growth and increasing profitability.

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The increase was especially strong in Hungary where the sales amounted to 2. This process has been both effective in terms of cost and time.

An English version will be published within one month. Accumulated for January - Junetotal revenues amounted to Please try again later Error Message: During the third quarter, Zinzino AB publ. The first country where Zinzino became fully established was in Austria during Februaryand Spain will now become the second as a result of the market showing a trend for strong sales.

BalanceOil Vegan for the heart and brain Zinzino AB publa leading direct sales company in health, is launching BalanceOil Vegan, a groundbreaking product that contributes to optimal brain function, and strengthens the heart and immune system by balancing the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Zinzino AB publa leading direct sales company for health products launches Energy Bar. Previus report was missing the PDF of the full report. The third quarter has been characterized by good sales development of several new markets, alongside continued digitization and a focus on efficiency, logistics and deliveries.

He has also written a number of books covering these subjects. Select your country and language Select your country to see what Zinzino products are available to you! It was initially scheduled for release on 20th of November.

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With these ingredients, the Viva dietary supplement contributes to increased well-being by relieving tiredness and fatigue, as well as promoting good sleep. Energy Bar contributes to long-lasting energy and fiber and does not create sugar cravings.

Sales growth is due to several factors: Accumulated for January-Junetotal revenues amounted to The quarter has also been characterized by investments concerning the shift to digital - new platforms, internet and e-commerce — that are now starting to show positive effects and will support increased efficiency, sales growth and new market launches in the coming years.

Several markets showed strong growth. Correct data on accumulated income for the period January-September, provisionally they amounted to It means our need for investment in technology or staff will be significantly lower as growth increases.

All ingredients provide fiber and energy to your body, with no added sugar. A number of processes which were initiated during the first quarter have now provided a foundation for continued efficiency improvement and growth, according to prior prognosis.

Several new markets showed very good sales growth and the domestic market in Sweden continues to show strong growth. Several markets showed strong growth during the second quarter.View Kåre Brink’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. project - accounting, consulting and Year End to the financial statements is Title: Personal development, network.

ANNUAL REPORT ZINZINO AB (PUBL) Wed, May 03, CET. Correction of annual report in swedish. Previus report was missing the PDF of the full report. See Zinzino's revenue, employees, and funding info on Owler, the world’s largest community-based business insights platform.

Download This Video: HD Video SD Video. © Zinzino. Private Companies, Financial Technology and a Winning Opportunity for CPAs The system ensures that financial statements and other key data was provided by a licensed CPA firm. Fictitious or.


Oct 22,  · Zinzino Business Presentation video, which gives a picture of what is Zinzino, which products it sells and how the marketing .

Zinzino business presentation financial statements
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