Writing and solving compound inequalities

Part 1 is the part of the inequality that needs to be solved for x. This is the method that I prefer. Students have more difficulty with Part Two of the Guided Practice which requires them to solve the given inequality and sketch its solutions.

It would be much easier to graph if we reversed the sides with the smaller number first.

Solving compound inequalities

Having a deeper understanding for these two words is going to help students be more successful when solving compound inequalities. Instead of separating this into two inequalities, we are going to leave it as one. It provides the students with more practice to distinguish between "and", and "or".

This can also be written as: One common mistake that students made on the Exit Slip was not to change the direction of the inequality when dividing by a negative number. So, whatever you do side 1, you must also do to sides 2 and 3.

Students still have some difficulty remembering to change the direction of the inequality symbol when multiplying or dividing by a negative number. Take a look with me Just remember to follow the same rules as for regular inequalities, but now you are solving two inequalities within one problem.

Well, that rules still applies. Have you been wondering about the rule that states, "If you multiply or divide by a negative number then you should reverse your inequality sign"? We are going to look at one more problem together.

Exit Slip- Sample Compound Inequalities. You get to choose which way works best for you! This answer is now sort of written backwards. Part one, gives the student a sentence, and the student is to write the inequality, as well as sketch its solution on a number line.

Write an inequality from a word problem

Students who are finished should hand in the Independent Practice worksheet before they leave. If the student did not change the direction of the sign, the inequalities did not make sense, and students had difficulty with the questions.Solving Compound Inequalities.

n our last lesson, you were introduced to compound mint-body.com this lesson, we are going to take the next step and begin solving compound inequalities. In this lesson you will learn to create an inequality given a word problem by using algebraic reasoning.

Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Write compound inequalities from graphs" and thousands of other math skills. Solve word problems leading to inequalities of the form px + q > r or px + q inequality and interpret it.

Solving Compound Inequalities

Compound Inequalities Date_____ Period____ Solve each compound inequality and graph its solution. 1) m or Solve each compound inequality and graph its solution. 1). High School Math Solutions – Inequalities Calculator, Compound Inequalities In the previous post, we talked about solving linear inequalities.

In today’s post we will focus on compound inequalities.

Writing and solving compound inequalities
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