Write an essay on freedom of press

Freedom of the press should be a valued privilege and has to be safeguarded. They are the ones that bring us vital information that we need to know about each day in our lives.

The press put this story out and now many people know about this heroic cat. The illusory or unrealistic character of the freedom of the press was seen during Great War.

The people in a democratic country have a right to know things and this right is a part of the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech and Expression. Like his birthday, his favorite food, favorite color, hobbies, and if he had a girlfriend.

Like with the fire in Florida, a homeless cat went back into a burning building to save her kittens from the fire. It investigates official lapses and makes the facts public. There have been so many cases that have been brought up against the press for invading the privacy of others.

Of course not every heroic act is committed by a person. And that is why freedom of press is also necessary in order to know what is right, what is true and fair. The press is an important assest in our lives but not everything they do is totally necessary.

The Press is meant to educate public opinion ; it is not meant to incite people to senseless violence. Otherwise people remain in the dark and in that case, confusion, corruption and abuse of power hold firm in the society. Men in power are sometimes likely to run amuck and trample the rights of the have- nots, under their feet.

No one can argue or claim that the freedom of speech and expression is an absolute and unfettered right. Self-restraint and self-discipline alone can contribute to the growth of a healthy Democracy in any country.

Although, if the press would have said that the person has served their time and changed their ways, society would look at that person in a different way.

An independent, well-informed press is a powerful check on arbitrary governments and irresponsible administrators.

The Press must, once again, try to live up to its reputation and try to maintain its noble traditions. The problem, therefore, is—how to ensure freedom of the newspaper.

Essay on the Freedom of the Press

There is always something going on everday and the press is always there to get the story. Or we could even be given totally false information just because they wanted to make news.

It is also because of the press that when victims in a disaster has lost all their belongings, they get aid from other people. At times, a section of the Press is clearly committed to a line of thought and refuses to look at things objectively.

Their only duty is to serve their masters and misguide public thought. The journalists then can write freely and fearlessly. The freedom enjoyed by the Press is grossly misused.

They cannot publish distorted and fictive news and cannot harm any person or institution by attacking them on an ill-motivated interest.

As an important means of public medianewspaper holds and exerts immense influence on people. Newspapers or press serve people with providing information.Essay on Freedom of the Press Words 5 Pages Freedom of the press is part of the five main freedoms represented in the first amendment of the constitution of.

Check out our top Free Essays on Press Freedom Argumentative to help you write your own Essay. Freedom of press means newspapers can print news and views without being censored or barred by any authority.

Essay on Freedom of the Press

When press enjoys freedom, it indicates that the press can publish news and opinions on any issues without facing any restrictions and prohibitions. But it does not mean that this freedom is absolute and arbitrary.

Essay on “Freedom of the Press” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Freedom Of Press Essay

We Can Write a Custom Essay on Freedom of the Press for You! If you look back on some of those times when the press crossed the line of privacy, you will see that the turn out has not been very good.

Shuch as the tragic story of Princess Diana. But freedom of the press in each case depends on the way it reflects the will, the purpose of the people as a whole, in preference to that of any class or community or individual. The illusory or unrealistic character of the freedom of .

Write an essay on freedom of press
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