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In the s to 70s people began the acceptance of continental drift. If you trace in a piece of paper all the continets, cut it assemble like a puzzle, you will find the first proof he had. He did not have an explanation for how the continents moved. It also details some of the arguments he used to support his hypothesis.

Wegener needed a mechanism for Continental Drift. A major conference was held by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in that was critical of the theory.

He was considered Theory proof pangaea essay outsider for a reason. So to conclude, there are at least 6 different pieces of evidence that support the theory of continental drift.

The examples chosen all had some compelling support and serious shortcomings. The most famous of the early defenses of Darwinism was not by Darwin himself but by the famous biologist, Thomas Huxley and the social philosopher, Herbert Spencer.

Behind this island arc was a new ocean, the Ural Ocean.

Wegener and Continental Drift Theory

Wegener Wegener found that this evidence was best explained if the continents had at one time been joined together. By the early Permianthe Cimmerian plate split from Gondwana and headed towards Laurasia, thus closing the Paleo-Tethys Oceanbut forming a new ocean, the Tethys Oceanin its southern end.

This suggests these regions were once closer to the equator than they are now. The fossil record of the time contradicted this. Most of the above masses coalesced again to form the relatively short-lived supercontinent of Pannotia.

History treats the three men differently in spite of the fact that their theories arrived with pretty big holes. Modern scientists would look at these explanations as even less credible than those proposed by Wegener, but they did help to preserve the steady state theory. Many were complex multi-celled animals with no evidence of preceding transitional forms.

Wenger used the giant fern Glossopteris as one example. Part of the answer may lie in the sociology of groups.

He had to earn all his allies. The formation of each environment and climate on Pangaea is due to plate tectonics, and thus, it is as a result of these shifts and changes different climatic pressures were placed on the life on Pangaea.

But fact and reason alone cannot explain how science works. The mix of anoxic oceans and ocean acidification due to metal loading led to increasingly acidic oceans, [36] which ultimately led to the extinction of benthic species.

The third major and final phase of the break-up of Pangaea occurred in the early Cenozoic Paleocene to Oligocene. That made Darwin to put What is Pangea?

A Question of Faith Science depends on facts. By fitting the land masses up together Wenger was able to match up the distribution of some fossils, e. They also thought you could fall off the Earth but that is a different question.

His theory provided an alternative to blending where traits were inherited whole. There were three main sources of environmental deterioration that are believed to have had a hand in the extinction event.

The polar ice cap of the Carboniferous Period covered the southern end of Pangaea. Alfred Wegener was the scientist who proposed the Continental Drift Theory in the early twentieth century.

Fossil evidence for Pangaea includes the presence of similar and identical species on continents that are now great distances apart. This was the first step of the formation of Pangaea. He also had five proofs: We already know that if you match up the continents they fit together so for both continents to have such similar rock types must mean that they formed under the same conditions, this could only be possible if the continents were once joined.

Climate of the island Spitsbergen, which lies on the Artic Ocean North of Norway, is covered with ice, but fossils of tropical plants were found ® Categories Science What are the Four proofs of Alfred wegener's theory of pangaea?

What are the Four proofs of Alfred wegener's theory of pangaea? became the proof that showed. Summary: A viewpoint on the theory of continental drift, developed by Alfred Wagener. The viewpoint includes a description of the theory, the evidence to support it, and reasons why some people did not support it.

Long ago there was a super continent called Pangaea.

Theory of continental drift Essay | Essay

Pangaea is North America, South. He discovered many scientific papers that described puzzling data that did not seem to fit the accepted model of stationary continents.

or evidence and remains of once What is Pangaea. May 13,  · Pangea Jason Cross The theory of Pangea is that millions of years ago all the continents were joined Essay about Alfred Wegener and the Continental Drift | Bartleby He was the first scientist to introduce the theory of the continental drift.

the continents.

The Evidence In Support Of The Theory Of Continental Drift Essay Sample

He was the first scientist to introduce the theory of the continental drift. Wegener theorized that at one time the continents were one large landmass or Pangaea that had drifted apart.

His ideas were initially rejected by other scientists. It was not until long after Wegener’s. It is the theory that the earth’s continents are constantly in motion and at one time they all collided together to form one massive continent about million years ago!

Pangaea (meaning “all lands”) began to break up and drift apart. The plate moving deeper into the earth melts due to the.

Theory proof pangaea essay
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