Success of flipkart

Flipkart started with consignment model as discussed above, since most of Success of flipkart customer issues like delivery delays etc. And they did exactly the same, will discuss more on how they did so later in the post.

Soon, the company grew bigger and ventured into selling other products such as electronic goods, e-books, stationery supplies, fashion and life style products as well. The electronic market share is distributed among them in different unknown proportions.

The cascading effect was all too evident when valuations skyrocketed for month-old hyperlocal and on-demand ventures.

Success Story of Flipkart – India’s Most Popular E-Commerce Site

Flipkart recently launched a series of 3 ads with the tag line - "No Kidding No worries". Flipkart also crosses an important milestone by opening pre-orders for the first time.

One of the E-commerce leaders, Flipkart is coming up with revolutionary ways to boost their business and sales in the upcoming festive season.

Success of Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal has defined the millennials as the ‘arbitrage generation’

It needs to keep introducing more products, adapting to the changing needs of the customer with time. The rewards they are reaping are a natural follow up. Acquisitions over the year include mobile advertising company AdIquity, mobile marketing firm AppIterate, and payment services startup FX Mart, as well as an investment in delivery locker service startup Qikpod.

A large part of the criticism has coincided, and is a result of, its closest rival Jeff Bezos-led Amazon snapping at the heels of the nine-year-old company and challenging its undisputed pole position in a very short time.

A success story 10 years in the making: key milestones from the Flipkart journey

Working as an online bookstore, the platform promises to deliver books anywhere across India, and soon has its first customera young engineer from Mahbubnagar in current-day Telangana. In this fast pacing world, shortage of time is big crisis and acts as a big push for consumers to shop online.

The deals and discounts offered by the company are a great way to sustain their customers. Most of us know the success and recognition enjoyed by Flipkart, however, very few of us may be aware how they achieved this grand success. Also, customers in tier-2 towns do not get this advantage as the local bookseller may not have an advantage of high volumes.

Flipkart has recently added a string of electronic items like calculators, water purifiers, microwave ovens, washing machines, dish washers, vacuum cleaners etc. However, many times this requires customers to explicitly ask for a discount, which is not always a pleasant experience. We need to continue to disrupt and upend the status quo, despite the temporary blips.

India’s Best Known Startup Story – The Journey of Flipkart !

The company has built a great brand name, they just have to maintain and enhance the same. To share with you a secret, Flipkart began its business by raising funds through capital funding and with its own pace, it grew in its financial structure.

It was not an easy segment to break into, people were very particular in paying money for something which they had not seen and received. Big Billion Day is here! Flipkart found a way by introducing their own supply chain management system, so that deliveries can take place smoothly.

Thus in the end i would like to congratulate Flipkart founders for the determination and hard work they have put in to realize their dream. Flipkart also provides a 30 day replacement guarantee on its products and EMI options to its customers for making payments.

We must not only learn to chase our goals; sometimes to achieve success, it is important that you combine the goals of others too. It was no easy battle for a newbie in the market, but they have raised the bar. It went on becoming bigger and better. A humble beginning from books, Flipkart now has a gamut of products ranging from: Flipkart celebrates two big milestones — the first Indian mobile app to cross 50 million users and crossing million registered customers.

To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task.

Flipkart SuccessStory

But every time they committed a mistake, it taught them a lesson. The company is also said to have set a target of selling 1 billion goods in a year by the end of The company targets revenues of crore by The Flipkart rub-off was showing.

Instead of dreaming, we must focus on reality and learn to practically handle the challenges. Also, Flipkart saved them the hassle of facing traffic on their way to shopping.FLIPKART INTRODUCTION: Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in Bangalore, was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in In its initial years, Flipkart focused on online sales of books but it later expanded to electronic goods and a variety of other mint-body.comrt offers multiple payment methods like.

Home» 5 Reasons for the success of Flipkart 5 Reasons for the success of Flipkart 4 This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Entrepreneurs entrepreneurship flipkart stanford Startup resources success university on May 6, by Ajay. Flipkart is a trend setter for all those companies looking for a name in the market.

Flipkart is a platform that has not only emerged as a successor, but also helped other sellers to gain their desired recognition and fame. There are many success stories of various sellers who give credit to Flipkart for their accomplishment.

A quick look into any success story shows a path breaking idea at the heart of the tale.

Flipkart Success Story

Flipkart is no exception. It is not the idea itself but the conviction to convert ideas into action and action into results is what defines a true success story. The past few months have made it evident how our own ecosystem was heavily reliant on the success of Flipkart and it’s present status vis-a-vis Amazon is determining the fortunes of many other.

Flipkart has had a long road over the years, full of ups and downs. What started as an online bookstore from a two-bedroom apartment in Koramangala, Bengaluru in has today grown into one of.

Success of flipkart
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