Soccer game observation essays

Write about the atmosphere -- the fans in the stands, the tone of the event and the behavior of the coaches and players on the sideline. It is played in a field that is rectangular in shape with two goal posts in each end of the field.

Identifying a overall theme for the event can serve as the focus of your observation paper, which can aid in the writing process.

In this game, it is only the goalkeepers who are given permission to touch the ball with their hands. Behavior presented by coaches for this two teams aimed at either motivating, guiding or reprimanding the athletes in the field.

Include the details from your notes as you compose your paper. You want your readers to feel like they were there. Create first-level headings in the outline representing significant moments from the sporting event.

If you observed a football game, for example, each quarter could be a first-level heading. The coach was also actively found to be motivating players on occasions where they happened to lose opportunities to score and this actually seemed to introduce effects of motivation to the team as failed opportunities actually led to more tries.

This was done by clapping and shouting as well as actively running along the length of the field to encourage players who were running after the ball. Under each heading level, write details from that moment.

Did the star player let his team down in the face of pressure? Players in these clubs are paid highly. Mistakes were reacted to by use of gestures such as hands dropped to the side and voice communication with an example being shouting to individuals to continue with the fight for the ball where an individual was found to be playing without energy and drive.

It is the most watched game in the world and is played in not less than countries worldwide. Behaviors from the coach can be summarized into four categories which are: Sample Essays Introduction I recently had the opportunity of watching a soccer match between two local teams.

It is also observed that soccer nowadays evokes emotions from football fans who end up committing atrocities in the field when their favorite teams are defeated by opponents.

How to Write a Sports Observation Paper

Were the fans inspired because they were beating their rival? In England, schools started playing soccer and formulating there own rules. Write the observation paper by following your outline. Both positive and negative reinforcement behavior was also identified with the coach actively introducing aspects of motivation.

It is in England where rules were formulated to guide in playing the game.Soccer Coach Behavior Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. November 7, Sample Essays. It is actually imperative that soccer coaches have to develop passion for the game and actively involve themselves albeit from the sidelines in any important soccer match.

soccer essays, sports essays ← Presidential Speech Essay Essay on. This custom written essay example gives a short description of main soccer rules, football history and why this sport game is so popular nowadays.

What is a good topic for a observation.

observation essays on football games

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A football game works well for a sports observation paper. An observation paper challenges writers to observe an event and relay the information to readers in an interesting and informative manner. A sports observation paper, then, calls for the writer to attend, analyze and write about a sporting event -- an assignment that is ideal for.

Soccer Observation I watched my little cousin’s (Ivan) soccer game. It was not much of an intense game because it seemed like some kids were lost during the event.

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Soccer game observation essays
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