School consolidation debate

State Auditor Stephen Eells points out the inefficiency of having one K-6 school handle all the administrative costs of running a school district. Photo Credits school bus image by Lombok from Fotolia. In particular, specialized courses that appeal to only a handful of students will likely generate interest from more students, allowing the school to offer them.

Sometimes, but not always, individual schools were closed in School consolidation debate process. Transportation costs are also reduced as fewer school buses will be needed to cover overlapping routes.

This would include advanced classes in mathematics and science, and other areas of study such as drama or non-traditional foreign languages such as Russian or Japanese. When two or more small schools consolidate, the resulting school will be able to offer more courses and hire more diverse faculty with teaching expertise in specialized areas.

But if the four districts are unified, then it can quickly become affordable to hire one itinerant music teacher. Small-town schools are often one of the largest employers in the town, and when a school closes it can have a negative effect on the community.

Economic Impact Some of the money saved as a result of consolidation is a result of cutting jobs. While New Jersey has already merged several school districts, it still has some of them, more than many other states, even states with larger populations.

Are there enough potential Latin students to offer that language in one school in one district?

Why Schools Resist Consolidating

Languages are another good example. Education Quality Proponents of school consolidation use the quality of education as a selling point. But at the end of the day, the problems were the same as those likely to be confronted in other states that try to consolidate schools.

Closer examination sorts out the thrust of the pros and cons of consolidation. For community residents, the closing of the school they attended in the name of consolidation registers as a negative. When schools are consolidated, unused school buildings can be sold or used for other purposes, and utility and maintenance costs are reduced, especially if the consolidated school is newer and more energy efficient.

Loss of Identity Local communities identify themselves with their school. But in New Jersey and other states, there are lots of reasons why school districts resist consolidation, notwithstanding the potential benefits.

The issue of money and what makes a great school cuts both ways in the school consolidation discussion. According to Eells, if that school were to join with a couple of other K-6s, a K-8 and maybe even a high school, the schools could eliminate duplicative administrative jobs, merge administrative tasks like payroll, and purchase commodities at lower rates thanks to the benefits of buying in bulk.

Maine may have made some mistakes in basing compliance on the potential for punitive measures, rather than convincing people of the benefits.

School Consolidation Debate 9/24 at Clinton Y

Moreover, efforts to ease the path toward regionalization included creating new jobs for occupants of duplicated positions. There is also the issue of autonomy, which is seen as a potent pull toward maintaining the status quo.School consolidation either fixes budget shortfalls and creates great schools or destroys a sense of community and adversely impacts local economies.

An examination of the pros and cons reveals that.

Pros & Cons of School Consolidation

It comes accross as a debate over which community sentiment is split right down the middle. Compare that to the arguments presented in opposition to school district consolidation.

Details on School Consolidation Debate

The third and final debate on Laurens County school consolidation between state Rep. Mike Pitts and Keith Tripp will be held in the conference room of the Clinton Family YMCA. school-district consolidation The debate over school-district size goes back centuries, and efforts to reform small school districts had their start in the early 19th century, when education.

Is School Consolidation a Good Idea? Arkansas Consolidation Debate a Waste of Time The result is a large, consolidated school to which students must be bused long distances from their homes, where there is no sense of community investment in the school, and where parent and community participation in school affairs suffers because the.

Laurens County Republican Party Chair Keith Tripp has provided more details about an upcoming debate he’s having with Republican Representative Mike Pitts about the issue of consolidation of School Districts 55 and

School consolidation debate
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