Psychsim 5

To demonstrate the decision-making strategies of persons in zero-sum and non-zero-sum environments. You will learn how psychology grew out of philosophy and medical physiology, and will become acquainted with some of the pioneers of psychology as a scientific discipline.

This activity provides a simulated experiment on weight regulation in rats.

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Hunger and the Fat Rat Purpose: You will select the information to be examined for each client, then form a diagnosis based on what you know about the symptoms of the various disorders.

The concept of reinforcement as illustrated with examples from everyday life, while the value of controlled reinforcement schedules is demonstrated in a simulated experiment showing rat bar-pressing behavior under four different schedules of reinforcement.

Myers' Psychology for AP, 2e

To demonstrate the role of the hypothalamus Psychsim 5 the control of eating behavior in rats. After descriptions of the measures of central tendency mode, median, and mean and variability range and standard deviationyou will be able to manipulate the scores in a distribution to see how each score affects the descriptive statistics for that distribution.

This activity introduces you to the basic statistics that researchers use to summarize their sets of data. Social Decision Making Purpose: You will see nine random letters flashed in a 3 x 3 matrix, and will attempt to recall the letters under three conditions: To explain how research on split-brain patients has helped us understand the special abilities of the two halves of the brain.

Myers' Psychology for AP, 1e

To explain the research basis for the concept of learned helplessness. To provide a more comprehensive synopsis of the origins of psychology, the early history of psychology as a discipline, and the major themes in twentieth century psychology.

This activity will take you on a tour through the history of psychology. This activity will be most useful to you after you have read the text material on psychological disorders. To review and test understanding of the classification of behavioral disorders. This activity describes a form of learning called operant conditioning—learning from the consequences that follow our actions.

This activity describes what researchers have learned about the special abilities of the left and right sides of the brain.

To demonstrate some principles of behavior control through the manipulation of reinforcement. To demonstrate some aspects of sensory register. To describe the common measures of central tendency and variability and demonstrate their use in summarizing a data set.

You will learn how to produce a distribution of scores and how to graph the distribution. In this activity you will explore the importance of a sense of personal control over the events in your life.PsychSim has 4 ratings and 0 reviews.

Award winning software from Thomas Ludwig that brings a wide range of psychology's core concepts and methods to 4/5(4).


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Psychsim 5

PSYCHOLOGY SUBJECT POOL Research Alternative #3: PsychSim 5: HUNGER AND THE FAT RAT. To complete this activity, you must do the following. Chapter 5 Developing Through the Lifespan What is development? Development The more-or-less predictable _____ in behavior associated with increasing _____.

PsychSim 5

PsychSim 5: EXPRESSING EMOTION Name: Section: Date: Read more about emotion, psychsim, expressing, primary, facial and eyebrows.

Psychsim 5
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