Proton knowledge management

Tacit knowledge of car engineering and technology from the experts should be identified, captured, stored and disseminated throughout the organization. Well trained technicians who follow standard operating procedure strictly will reduce the number of defects in the car manufacturing process.

This has discouraged knowledge creation and sharing in the working culture. Experts from the joint-venture partner, Mitsubishi and subsidiary company, LOTUS are needed as well to assist Proton in high technology engineering design.

Knowledge and skill of experience engineers is not imparted to new engineer when the experience engineers left the company. With high turnover rate, talent retention has become a challenge to Proton. Management of knowledge repository is done through content and document management system and using data mining techniques for retrieval.

Until earlyProton Waja, the first car designed internally by Proton was launched. With implementation of knowledge management system in Proton organization, it will encourage experts to innovative, create and share their knowledge. When the knowledge is not been shared, employees from each department have to repeat and go through same learning process.

ProTon Europe Innovation from Public Research

Tacit knowledge can be also shared through highly interactive conversation and story- telling by group of individuals. Technology competency is another important strategic for Proton to dominate major domestic market share. Survey also indicates that they rarely share their information with other departments, and their willingness to collaborate across departments within organization is poor.

Proton: Knowledge Management

More Essay Examples on Management Rubric Proton Perdana based on Mitsubishi Galant design was firstly introduced in to target for higher end market. As part of knowledge management plan, employees and experts will be asked publicly to identify, assess and overcome knowledge gaps.

Machineries down time can be minimised through well planned maintenance schedule and good maintenance work done by experience and well trained technicians. All department managers have to assess current and required knowledge to achieve business goals in the business plan.

Organizations are discovering that they need to do a better job of capturing, distributing, sharing, preserving, securing, and valuing their knowledge to stay ahead of their competition 1. A Integration Of Knowledge Management Into Business Plan It is proposed that business plan from every department should include a section dedicated to knowledge management.

Proton requires many experts from local to produce innovative new engineering design. D Internal Training Car industry experts from business partner companies, Mitsubishi and Lotus are invited as trainers to train the employees, especially the fresh engineers in Proton.

This tacit knowledge from car industry experts could be articulated easily after been converted to explicit form in order to be stored and shared through knowledge management system. After the key knowledge holders or knowledge owners are identified, the knowledge in the process that they are responsible for is gathered and stock taken in the inventory.

There is also no reward system to reward those experts who are contributing their knowledge to the library of knowledge resources. The benefits of implementation of knowledge management system could be seen as below.

Further knowledge management strategies can be proposed by referring to the knowledge items which are stored in the inventory. Equally encouraging for drug companies is an evolving product pipeline. Team work is not valued and the culture did not encourage discussion in team.knowledge management concept so as to gain some fundamentals that can be applied to the issues related to Proton.

A major portion of this section is based on Frappaolo’s () interpretation as it suits the purpose of this paper. It covers the types of knowledge, the meaning of knowledge management and the process of knowledge management.

ProTon Europe Innovation from Public Research องค์การถ่ายทอดความรู้และเป็นส่วนร่วมกับงานวิจัยโปรตอนจากทวีปยุโรป Knowledge Management ช่วยให้การปฏิบัติงานบรรลุ.

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PROTON Ontology Version Beta This document describes the third version (beta) of PROTON ontology. This new version extends the version from with new classes and properties in order to cover the conceptual knowledge encoded within the most popular datasets from Linked Open Data1 (LOD) like DBPedia, GeoNames, etc.

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Knowledge management (KM) is a crucial component of any life-science research company. Without an effective knowledge management strategy, it is difficult for a. Proton: Knowledge Management. 1 - Proton: Knowledge Management introduction. 0 BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY Proton is the first Malaysian automobile manufacturer which is found in Proton headquartered is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, with a manufacturing plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Proton knowledge management
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