Possibility of evil analysis essay

The reason he could be the supporting character is how it seems he punished Miss Strangeworth for her hurtful words to the town by attacking something she greatly cherished and nurtured, just as she did towards his child.

When she arrives home, Miss Strangeworth begins doing something to express her personal thoughts to the townspeople—letter writing. Outwardly, she behaves towards others in a certain way.

What is meant by her outward social value system is that Miss Strangeworth treats others friendly and politely. If evil is depicted, the first person who should hear about it is the person doing the misdeeds themselves.

She is just a person with different standards, and totally opposite beliefs from others.

“The Possibility of Evil” summary and analysis Essay Sample

Hence, Miss Strangeworth wants to establish a favourable image in town. We are not obligated to stop evil, because we do not fully understand what evil is. As a result, she never openly shares her thoughts.

More essays like this: Also in the store, Miss Strangeworth meets Mr. Inwardly, however, Miss Strangeworth holds completely contrasting thoughts. In an attempt to clean up the town, she writes several horrific letters to those who looked distraught, implying that maybe her letters are what upset the townspeople in the first place.

On her way home, Miss Strangeworth meets Miss Chandler, the librarian, and talks about the new novels to be ordered and paid for by the annual library appropriation. Furthermore, when she enters the grocery store, half a dozen people turn away from the shelves and counters to wave at her or call out good morning.

She notices that Miss Chandler seems absent-minded and disturbed.

The Possibility of Evil Questions and Answers

Opening the letter, she is shocked to read that she should look to see what used to be her roses. Miss Strangeworth writes letters to those she thinks needs her advice, which is based on her opinions and thoughts from her inward social value system.

“The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson Essay

It is said not to judge books by their covers, and this is especially true in the story. Miss Strangeworth took a completely different approach.

If future problems would occur, the whole town should approach the troublesome individual or group. From this unusual motion, she wonders whether Mrs.

From this message, we see a large contrast to the polite comment she made on the Crane baby earlier. For instance, Miss Strangeworth tells the tourists who stop to view her roses that her grandmother planted the roses in her garden and that her mother tended to them just as she does now. However, Miss Strangeworth waves off her comment saying that all babies are different, knowing that this is what Helen Crane wants to hear.

Foster not to do her operation because Doctor Burns might stage a supposed accident to make money. She was careless and made a mistake by dropping her letter at the new post office, causing the Harris boy to deliver it to her victim himself.

The Possibility of Evil Summary

From the story we learn that even though appearances are deceiving, Miss Strangeworth herself is not evil. For example, the first letter she writes is to Don Crane, in which she insults his daughter for her lack of movements and implies that he and his wife are not meant to have children.

The next morning, she received a letter looking similar to those she sends out. After Miss Strangeworth dropped one of the letters at the post office one night, a local boy personally delivered it himself when he could not catch her before she left.

For example, when Miss Strangeworth was in the grocery store with Mrs. Now, it becomes obvious that she did in fact receive her social value systems from her family.

Harper is taking proper care of herself. In other words, she behaves towards others in a way she knows is accepted in society.

This brings us to the supporting character, which could be inferred to be Don Crane. Rather than questioning here face-to-face in the grocery store, she does it through an anonymous letter. She is the major character because without her, the story would have a void and be uninteresting.

In the outset, it comes to light that her belief system may have been a result of a family tradition. The last letter Miss Strangeworth writes is to Mrs. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

This implies that the previous generations of Strangeworths also had a similar objective as her. Through the letter, she questions Mrs. One of these evils is judgment.

The central idea of this story is that evil could reside in any of us, even those you would least expect.Possibility of Evil Analysis Essay Smith 1 John Smith mint-body.com ENG2D March 5 The Possibility of Evil: Critical Response Journal The Story, The Possibility of Evil is a truly interesting story that demonstrates the evil of a community that seems almost perfect.

“The Possibility of Evil” summary and analysis Essay Sample The possibility of evil. Shirley Jackson’s “The Possibility of Evil” is a short story about a seemingly sweet little old woman, living in a small town with a house and prized bed of roses outside that has been in her family for three generations.

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Transcript of The Possibility of Evil - Analysis. Setting Takes place on Pleasant Street on a sunny day. Miss Strangeworth’s house has a garden of roses.

After her death, her husband published many of her novels, including The Possibility of Evil. Free Essay: Smith 1 John Smith mint-body.com ENG2D March 5 The Possibility of Evil: Critical Response Journal The Story, The Possibility of Evil is a. In "The Possibility of Evil," Miss Strangeworth considers herself the matriarch of her town.

Afraid that there's evil in the townsfolk, she sends anonymous letters full of mean-spirited "truths.

Possibility of evil analysis essay
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