Natural insect repellent science investigatory project

Our project also tackles the protection of human beings against mosquito bites that cause diseases. Oregano plant has been used for the treatment of various diseases since thousands of years back. Statement of the problem: Most of these can destroy mosquitoes but they can also do serious damage to humans as well.

Insect repellent help prevent and control the outbreak of insect borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and other diseases.

Ground oregano leaves soothe artthrisis pain, insect bites and other skin problems. The amount of antioxidant present in a tablespoon of fresh oregano and a medium-sized apple are the same.

Review of Related Literature: To have an alternative for a chemical insecticides. Mosquito- a slender long-legged fly with aquatic larvae.

The coil is usually held at the centre of the spiral, suspending it in the air, or wedged by two pieces of fireproof nettings to allow continuous smouldering. Most mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk but there are also mosquitoes that seek hosts during the day.

Background of the Study Mosquitoes are common pests in the tropics they have been known to cause many disease to most people. Significance of the Project It can prevent and use to kill mosquitoes in our house or anywhere it also prevent the insect borne disease like malaria, yellow fever, dengue and many more it is not hazard into our health because its ingredients is finely arranged to make this project in a good phase it has good basis to use for likewise chemical repellent is not good for our health because of the chemicals, chemical is toxic to our health.

The volatile oil carvacrol present in oregano inhibits the growth of bacteria and other parasitic organisms.

These compounds help in scavenging free radicals, thus preventing cell damage and membrane alteration. To protect your family in the real danger of mosquito like malaria and dengue.

This is because of the chemicals found in mosquito coils. Make use of the natural resources of our country to solve common problems caused by mosquitoes, especially dengue.

An antioxidant nature of oregano is evident from the presence of thymol and rosmarinic acid. So the researchers decide to make a new change into our lives researchers prefer a natural insecticide in is not only affordable but it is also a health caring not like in chemical it is toxic and it is not environmental friendly in this case our planet earth undergoes a global warming so instead using a chemicals we used a natural ones.

Oregano supplements are also used for external and internal fungal infections.Investigatory Project (Natural Bug and Mosquito Repellent Body Spray) Search Search. Upload. Sign In. Join. Home.

Saved. Science Investigatory Project. Investigatory Project. Investigatory Project. Citronella Oil is the most effective, and best studied, insect repellent currently on the market.

This substance has a remarkable safety /5(6). Science investigatory projects suck, or at least seem to at first. But you shouldn't let school drag you down. Instead, use your homework assignment as an opportunity to solve a problem you've always been interested in.

CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT SUMMARY Ap2/04 Name(s) Project Number Project Title Abstract Summary Statement Help Received Jared R. Eifert The Effectiveness of Lemon Grass as a Natural Mosquito Repellent J Objectives/Goals The purpose of this experiment is to determine if Lemon Grass is an.

Technically, an insect repellent is any chemical or natural, that causes insects or other arthropods to make directed, oriented movements away from the source of repellent. And lemon grass can use as natural insect repellent (Helmenstine, ). Mar 06,  · Investigatory Project (Natural Mosquito Repellent) insect bites, and menstruation symptoms, bacterial and fungal infections.

Dried leaves of oregano are commonly used for the therapeutic purposes it contains iron, vitamins, This Science Investigatory Project seems to have a very well foundation! As well as, it rally sounds Author: Selftitledasylum. (Depends on the size of your pepper, but the spicier, the better.) 7.) Pepper and garlic are both natural insect repellents and will help to repel Japanese Beetles, borers, leafhoppers and slugs.

Investigatory Project Mosquito Repellent

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Natural insect repellent science investigatory project
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