Masters dissertation marking criteria

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Where possible, produce your own tables, plans and maps, rather than photocopying from books: The normal assumption is that a dissertation will make use of primary source material. The dissertation should be competently presented but may not entirely follow the guidelines set.

The move in media from print to hypertext is challenging criteria for logical reasoning and the validation of critical thought. Provides a reasonably structured account but with some signs of confusion; may contain errors of fact or interpretation.

Undergraduate research papers may be entirely A at Diploma level, but need more of B at degree level, especially for BD students. Pass Without Honours Signs of some research but at an elementary level.

Where there is novelty, for instance modification of algorithms or a new approach to a proof, this shall be acknowledged in the marking. Presentation may be weak, e. An Introduction to Research, Reference Works and Methods, Eerdmans,is thorough though its style of presentation is traditional and it does not engage with the global church.

Key terminology has been clearly outlined and consistently used. Research as establishing new understanding and investigating its quality This sort of research has been associated with universities and science labs.

These considerations are challenging, but the problems in many theses are often mundane and found in theses across cultures see Common difficulties and mistakes. It has the idea of checking and questioning information, not just locating it and gathering it.

Theses A thesis is a particular type of writing. Contains significant grammatical and spelling errors. Full discussion of existing relevant work, as comparisons, basis or tools.

Careless presentation; absence of references. Code for programming projects should be submitted as an appendix to the main report. In the sciences those moving to postgraduate awards were often selected to be part of teams working on large projects where the goals were already set.

Has dealt with the problems in an orderly and creative way. International Criteria Writing in a second language presents special challenges and adds to the time frame needed for completion.

These should never be included merely for decoration, however. Cultural reasons may lead us to one or another.

They will also be clearly and effectively written. There is a tendency for some vocational doctorates Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Missiology, Doctor of Theology to operate at the level of new knowledge more than new understanding.Masters Dissertation / Research Project Assessment Marking Criteria and Standards Information for students Your Masters dissertation./ research project will be marked using an extensive list of criteria that will be graded in 5 Attainment Levels based on a set of standards.

Guidelines for Marking of MA/MSc theses Notes for Examiners, Assessors, Supervisors and Students September 6, Abstract The purpose of this document is to advise examiners and assessors of the criteria for various grades.

Postgraduate Taught Degree Dissertation Guidelines By submitting a dissertation for marking, a student is giving permission for a copy of their dissertation to be held for reference, at the School’s discretion.

They are PGT Dissertation Guidelines _FINAL Author. The University Senate Scales outline the marking criteria for all types of assessment for students and assist in the marking of Coursework, Dissertations and Oral Presentations.

Criteria for Marking Postgraduate Theses 1.

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Research. Masters level Criteria (John Roxborogh) To be able to understand what is “going on” not just what happened. To plan and execute appropriate strategies for researching a thesis. Dissertation Marking Criteria The relative weighting of the different criteria will depend on the research context.

For example a project which is essentially literature based will have greater weighting on the criteria relating to literature, whereas a project for which there are few appropriate alternative research methods would not have as.

Masters dissertation marking criteria
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