Iroquois constitution

If any man or any nation outside the Five Nations shall obey the laws of the Great Peace and make known their disposition to the Lords of the Confederacy, they may Iroquois constitution the Roots to the Tree and if their minds are clean and they are obedient and promise Iroquois constitution obey the wishes of the Confederate Council, they shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the Tree of the Long Leaves.

You, the Five Nations Confederate Lords, be firm so that if a tree falls on your joined arms it shall not separate or weaken your hold. If the Creator spares you and you recover from your illness you shall rise from your bed with the antlers on your brow as before and you shall resume your duties as Lord of the Confederacy and you may labor again for the Confederate people.

In case a part or all the Lords pursue a course not vouched for by the people and heed not the third warning of their women relatives, then the matter shall be taken to the General Council of the women of the Five Nations. Certain physical defects in a Confederate Lord make him ineligible to sit in the Confederate Council.

Whenever the Confederate Lords shall assemble for the purpose of holding a council, the Onondaga Lords shall open it by expressing their gratitude Iroquois constitution their cousin Lords and greeting them, and they shall make an address and offer thanks to the earth where men dwell, to the Iroquois constitution of water, the pools, the springs and the lakes, Iroquois constitution the maize and the fruits, to the medicinal herbs and trees, to the forest trees for their usefulness, to the animals that serve as food and give their pelts for clothing, to the great winds and the lesser winds, to the Thunderers, to the Sun, the mighty warrior, to the moon, to the messengers of the Creator who reveal his wishes and to the Great Creator who dwells in the heavens above, who gives all the things useful to men, and who is the source and the ruler of health and life.

If the offending Lord is still obdurate he shall be dismissed by the War Chief of his nation for refusing to conform to the laws of the Great Peace. The Council of the Mohawk shall be divided into three parties as follows: You shall now go your way alone, the rest of the people of the Confederacy will not go with you, for we know not the kind of mind that possesses you.

Lawrence River valley had no settlements, but was controlled by the Mohawk as a hunting ground. Thus are the Five Nations united completely and enfolded together, united into one head, one body and one mind.

A large bunch of shell strings, in the making of which the Five Nations Confederate Lords have equally contributed, shall symbolize the completeness of the union and certify the pledge of the nations represented by the Confederate Lords of the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, the Cayuga and the Senecca, that all are united and formed into one body or union called the Union of the Great Law, which they have established.

You shall never be restored to the position which you once occupied. While they participated in French raids on Dutch and later English settlements, where some Mohawk and other Iroquois settled, in general the Iroquois resisted attacking their own peoples.

At the treaty at Lancaster he urged the American colonies to unite. Whenever a specially important matter or a great emergency is presented before the Confederate Council and the nature of the matter affects the entire body of the Five Nations, threatening their utter ruin, then the Lords of the Confederacy must submit the matter to the decision of their people and the decision of the people shall affect the decision of the Confederate Council.

They sat at Grand Council and relayed the events to notables, including Benjamin Franklin, who subsequently passed on American Indian values and events to the many colonials through his printing business.

We have reasonably good record of the thoughts and debates of the founders however and, while they were highly knowlegeable about Greek, Roman, and English history and made much use of these historical models, they were quite ignorant of the Iroqois.

Thus shall the Great Peace be established and hostilities shall no longer be known between the Five Nations but peace to the United People. He then shall consult with five of his coactive Lords and they in turn shall consult with their eight brethern. Sir William Johnson and Conrad Weiser were two colonials that were inextricably intertwined with American Indian affairs.

What Was the Main Purpose of the Iroquois Constitution?

Every person not entitled to enter the house by right of living within upon seeing such a sign shall not enter the house by day or by night, but shall keep as far away as his business will permit. The Confederacy dissolved after the defeat of the British and allied Iroquois nations in the American Revolutionary War.

The Lords of the Confederacy may confer the Lordship title upon a candidate whenever the Great Law is recited, if there be a candidate, for the Great Law speaks all the rules. The War Chief shall address the Lord guilty of murder and say: After their victories, they reigned supreme in an area from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean; from the St.

When a unanimous Iroquois constitution shall have been reached by the two bodies of Fire Keepers, Adodarho shall notify Hononwiretonh of the fact when he shall confirm it.

He shall deliver to them a string of shells wampum and say "Here is the testimony, you have heard the message. When a case comes before the Onondaga Lords Fire Keepers for discussion and decsion, Adodarho shall introduce the matter to his comrade Lords who shall then discuss it in their two bodies.

He has now become a Confederate Lord. Election of Pine Tree Chiefs The Iroquois remained a politically unique, undivided, large Native American polity up until the American Revolution. What is the Connection between Articles of Confederation and the Iroquois constitution?

There are several other documents now available in various places which refer to the original founding of the Iroquois, and they seem to substantiate this document as probably truthful and accurate. All Lords of the Five Nations Confederacy must be honest in all things. We trust that you, our mothers, will always guard it, and that you will warn your Lord always to be dutiful and to advise his people to ever live in love, poeace and harmony that a great calamity may never happen again.

When all the terms of peace shall have been agreed upon a state of friendship shall be established. They formed a confederacy of tribes that banded together. You have comitted a grave sin in the eyes of the Creator. Then shall the opposite side say: He forfeits his title and the crown falls from his brow but it shall remain in the Confederacy.

The original Five Nations were. At this point in time, the Iroquois controlled many parts of our now eastern states from their homelands in what is now New York state.

Iroquois Constitution

When the Thansgiving for the Green Corn comes the special managers, both the men and women, shall give it careful attention and do their duties properly.The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations 1. I am Dekanawidah and with the Five Nations' Confederate Lords I plant the Tree of Great Peace.

I plant it in your territory, Adodarhoh, and the Onondaga Nation, in the. The Iroquois Constitution was designed to promote peace within five native American nations.

What role did the Iroquois Confederacy play in the writing of the constitution?

"Some sources place the origin of the Five Nation Confederacy as early as AD, but others insist it was prepared about AD; in any case, it was well before any possible contamination by European invaders.". About the Iroquois Constitution. During the bi-centennial year of The Constitution of the United States, a number of books were written concerning the origin of.

constitution infused with the basic principles of democracy and federalism. The Iroquois Confederacy, also known as the League of Five Nations, was a union of the Senecas, Cayugas, Onondagas, Oneidas, and Mohawks (the Tuscaroras joined later).

In this lesson, you'll learn about the history of the Iroquois Constitution, including the main provisions, groups involved, and similarities to. PRIMARY SOURCE from The Iroquois Constitution In the 15th century, five separate nations of Iroquois—Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and Onondaga—united to form the League of Five Nations.

Iroquois constitution
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