How to write a white paper for defense agency

Included in the thesis is the basis of your argument and why it is significant to the essay.

8+ Sample White Papers

A description of the domestic context overall government priorities, budgetary issues may also be included as it provides the framework within which decisions about defense policy and implementation will be made. White papers help the Government to form policies such as administrative, defense, monetary, economic and others to transform a nation and lead it on the progressive path.

The Government-the elected political executive-has the primary responsibility for setting directions with respect to national policy. For example, aerial and maritime surveillance capabilities can provide significant support to enable Ministries responsible for fisheries, environment, immigration, customs, drug interdiction, search and rescue, etc.

Add transitions to progress your argument smoothly from one point to another. Because of its strategic perspective, a White Paper is an important tool for the justification of budgetary resources over a multi-year time-frame.

It shows how to use diagrams to illustrate a point and strategies and other methodologies. It also describes, in broad terms, current and planned capabilities and roles of the defense forces.

Committee members may also travel to different parts of the country or abroad for consultations, and hold public hearings or town hall meetings. Defense White Papers have also been identified as important confidence- and security-building measures.

The conclusion should transition the article to a closing. A number of other Ministries or sub-national jurisdictions states, provinces may also have a direct interest in the consultations, particularly in instances where the armed forces provide a substantive service to those Ministries or jurisdictions, often in non-traditional fields.

How to Write a Defense Paper

There are several white papers on serious issues that can go to the local authorities. The document highlights issues of greatest priority for that country, and provides an overview of how defense policy will be implemented to meet those security challenges.

An indication of any planned major changes -restructuring of the defense forces, significant increase or decrease in personnel, major weapons acquisitions or other decisions which will have an important impact on the policies or capabilities of the defense forces- should be highlighted in the Defense White Paper.

The introductory paragraph only introduces the readers to the importance of the topic, the arguments presented in the following paragraphs and how they are relevant to the topic. In this vein, almost all Ministries will have an indirect interest in the White Paper, insofar as resources made available to the Defense budget will affect the amount of resources remaining to fund other Ministries.

As noted previously, it is useful to include performance standards in the statement of capabilities, as such indications facilitate accountability. Create a minimum of three argumentative points — each point limited to a single paragraph. Again, these functions also have resource implications that must be taken into account in the budgetary planning process.Letters of Intent, Preproposals, White Papers, Requests for Information, Abstracts, and Logic Models: The Role of Environmental Protection Agency Abstracts, Letters of Intent, White Papers, Preproposals, and Other Short Documents: Their Role in Successful Grant Applications.

The Defence White Paper is the most rigorous and comprehensive in Australia’s history – it is the culmination of a thorough process of review and assessment of Australia’s security environment spanning the next 20 years.

The objective of the technology "Whitepaper" or "White Paper" is to make an argument for a technology or approach and educate the reader as to why the argument is valid. Requirements A whitepaper can be of varying length, usually from four pages to twenty. Space-based, airborne, sea-borne or terrestrial sensor systems currently used by the Department of Defense (DoD) or other state and federal agencies can also provide a wealth of near real time information that can be used to create and maintain a user-tailored common operational picture of the security zone.

well as this white paper — is completely independent and not controlled by any government agency, organization or society, consultancy, contractor, or vendor.

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It is not endorsed by, nor does it have any official connection with, the National Institutes of. Describe the proposed project in a coherent, fluid and understandable writing style.

Tables, images and graphs are allowed, but be careful that .

How to write a white paper for defense agency
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