How to write a science of mind treatment

I judge not and I am judged only by the Law of Good. We make life little and mean and limit our Own Possibilities when we refuse to accept the whole gift of God. Ask anyone who tithes, and he or she will gladly expound on the benefits. I release these words knowing that they have come to me from that One Source to which I now release them.

I believe that the Law of the Lord will bring every good and perfect thing to me and will bless everyone whom I hold in consciousness.

We do not have perfect faith while any subjective contradictions deny the affirmation of our lips. We acknowledge that within the universe there is ONE pervading presence, ONE force encompassing everything that is in existence, ONE energy from which all things are made of.

I open the gates of my consciousness and with enthusiasm, through recognition and acknowledgment, permit the Spirit of Wholeness, the Spirit of Oneness, to flow through me. True understanding comes from a spiritual perception of the Divine Unity back of all things.

Try affirmative prayer for yourself, and let me know your results. Watch heartfelt videos of diverse individuals talking about their personal experiences living with mental illnesses. For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: We say YES to the renewing power that is moving in, as and by means of us right now.

A treatment should be given in a calm, expectant manner and with a deep inner conviction of its reality, without any fear or any sense that the human mind must make it effective.


It is the recognition that you are an expression of this Spirit or Infinite Intelligence. It is a never ending circle. I am one with and inseparable from all the Love, all the Divine Energy, all the Power, all the Joy, all the Compassion, all the Abundance, all the Wisdom, all the Intelligence … all the myriad other attributes of God.

We release it to the wisdom and the love of the universe. Each one tingles in response to my knowing that God … the One Mind, The Life … is equally present everywhere. Having recognised the magnificence and awesome power of the ONE presence that is absolutely everywhere within the universe, we realise that this same intelligence that created everything, does not stop being where we are.

I establish a close and intimate relationship with everyone I meet something goes out from me and becomes unified with them.

Affirmative Prayer Treatment for Prosperity

We release the treatment to the universe, to God, to do its work. I include all and exclude none. As the Law of the universe is such that what we focus on, is what we manifest in our experience, when we are focused on the good that we already having, then we can only attract more good.

Today I loose all condemnation. This dominion is exercised in such degree as we sense its true meaning. Everything that is worthy of the soul, I anticipate. It is my desire that only good shall go from me, therefore I have a right to expect that only good shall return to me.

It is up to us to make sure that the flow of energy necessary to experience abundance in our lives continues to circulate. Today I know that there is one Spirit in everyone I meet. My accomplishments are achieved with ease and grace. All is Spirit expressing here and now through and as each of us as Peace, love and joy.

We should open our consciousness to a receptivity of the Divine. And so it is. There are no aliens, no strange persons. A treatment is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. The Creative Intelligence has been making all things new as the night unfolded.

Our Licensed Practitioners are available to provide Affirmative Prayer Treatment in person, over the phone, or virtually via the written word delivered by email. I expect, then, to meet my good and I rejoice in the anticipation of this good.

The Fourth Step is Thanks or Gratitude. I know that it is true of me and true of each and everyone of my beloved colleagues. Should we not, then, consciously develop the ability to receive more?14 MENTAL TREATMENTS THESE TREATMENTS ARE DEDICATED TO THE SCIENCE OF MIND By the Author Ernest Holmes, Dean and Founder Institute of Religious Science.

A Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five step process during which we recognize the one source of all in the universe and know that we are part of it, affirm right action or heathly state, give thanks, and release.

A Science of Mind Community in the UK. SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT. A little more about ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’! During the process.

Write down your own worries and destroy them in the Worry Shredder. Gather additional information in a resource center to share with someone you know or better your own mental health.

10 years — the average delay between onset of symptoms and seeking treatment (2) Mental Health: Mind Matters was produced by the Science Museum of. This post includes a foreword by Barbara Harrison, President of the CSLGH Board of Trustees, and an Affirmative Prayer Treatment for prosperity by Assistant Minister Reverend Nancy Woods.

Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a form of prayer used by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind as well as many other metaphysical works. Five Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment; Five Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

or write. STAGE OF TREATMENT. WHAT I DO IN EACH STAGE. The Purpose. Before beginning, I carefully formulate the purpose of my treatment. First I state the condition in my life that I want to change. Example. Examples of Spiritual Mind Treatments: Oneness.

We allow ourselves to be what Spirit has in mind and to express that boundless possibility every minute that we are on the move today. We take it to the streets in gratitude, with open minds, loving hearts, fat wallets, beautiful bodies and joyful expression.

How to write a science of mind treatment
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