Future of our oceans

We like to work in seas and oceans, we would like to live in seas and oceans but who would like working in a dumpster? We can all start by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices and choosing to buy and eat seafood sourced from sustainable and well-managed fisheries, such as seafood products with the MSC ecolabel.

Seas and oceans are beautiful but untamed harsh mistresses.

Envision 2050: The Future of Oceans

Through collaboration, we are committed to ensuring a successful conference focused on sustainable ecological and economic approaches to protecting and restoring Our Ocean - for the good of our treasured marine resources, our tourism, our fishers, our coastal communities, and all of our people.

When Future Oceans profits, marine wildlife profits. We are afraid of them and we are terrified by each date we have with seas and oceans. There are an estimated dead zones in the world.

Our Ocean One Future

But our oceans are under enormous pressure. Sea levels are rising. A healthy ocean is central Future of our oceans human wellbeing. The same was the wild wide west two hundred years ago but this never stopped the settlers to colonize it and to master its freedom. James acquired Fumunda Marine inwhich he renamed Future Oceans.

As the largest archipelago in the world with its 17, islands, Indonesia represents the lifeline that Our Ocean holds for humankind. But things are changing. And what would it take to do so? Responses to these threats will require the coordinated action and commitments from governments and individuals from around the globe.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Ensia. Simon plays an active role in the decision making processes related to European efforts to reduce cetacean bycatch. We must continue to explore. With greater global investment in research, exploration and innovation, we can reduce uncertainties, improve projections about future conditions for our ocean and planet, and provide information that governments, resource managers, businesses and others can use to save lives, property and money, and to sustain the ocean as a resource.

As oceans warm and acidify as a result of runaway carbon pollution, we put all of these ecosystem benefits at risk. Both Walt and Stan remain actively involved in the ongoing design and engineering of our Pingers.

What kind of oceans will we pass along to future generations of humans and other living things? By promoting responsible fishing practices, we can protect the oceans while helping to reduce poverty in coastal communities.

Through these conferences we strive to inspire the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and civil society to identify solutions and commit to actions to protect and conserve our ocean and its resources.

Firstly, we are not a non-profit. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report offers little reassurance. The history repeats and the offshore oil and gas endeavour of the second half of 20th century did precisely what the Gold Rush did for California, opened the gates and mapped a new territory ready to be colonized.Infographics.

All of these infographics are available to use free of charge for non-commercial purposes, and many are suitable for printing at poster size. The ocean covers almost three-quarters of our planet and sustains life on Earth as we know it. But our ocean is at grave risk today—and we know the reason why.

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The good news is that we know what. Put simply, the oceans are key to the future of our planet and its health.


My hope is that by we can all look back and say that in we began to make the serious changes necessary to address — and even reverse — the challenges facing the oceans: pollution, rising seas, ocean warming, oxygen depletion, and acidification, to name a few. Our Seas Our Future Charitable Trust is a % volunteer-run, non-profit marine conservation organisation based in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Our Seas Our Future is an award winning non-profit marine conservation advocacy organisation based in New Zealand. The oceans carry not only living artifacts and history, but also the promise of our future. Its undulating vastness holds our key to economic growth, food security resources as well as solution to curb the impact of climate change.

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Future of our oceans
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