External internal communication of nokia

The benefits of empowering your workforce are cost effective and motivational, but trust must be in place before any real achievements can be made.

Employees Get Involved in Social Media at Nokia

Intranet communications Employees use the intranet to varying degrees inside of Nokia and they tend to log onto it on a daily basis. These have a great impact on the minds of stakeholders, as their opinion about the company, brand and its variants largely depends on it.

Definition of External Communication External Communication can be understood as the sharing of information between the company and any other person or entity from the external environment, i. Solution Summary The expert examines the external and internal environmental analysis for Nokia.

Social media has publicised the whole affair, with staff being encouraged to take an active role in the development of marketing practices online. When discussing communications within a business, many would start by thinking about the kind of marketing and PR communications so important in brand promotion.

Externally, the Nokia Conversations blog is also a useful tool to get employees in-the-know about the latest Nokia product news. Companies can reach out to staff in several different ways including email campaigns, staff magazines and their own staff forums.

Everyone has a voice. Internal communication can be formal or informal but external communication is mostly formal and highly documented. Internal Communication refers to the communication which takes place among the participants within the business organization.

Three of the more popular tools include: It focuses on facilitating cooperation with the groups so as to build and maintain good public image through relationships. Internal communication aims at transmission of information between various business units and departments.

Nokia North America has completely done away with their print publications.

External and Internal Marketing Environment Analysis of Nokia - Essay Example

This is why many companies are now putting in place social media policies to explain to staff how to use these platforms effectively without breaching corporate regulations. Twitter is arguably the platform where this type of marketing is most visible.

What we do is give a big overview of all the topics going on at Nokia. At the same time, Nokia also provides a mobile number for employees to send text messages if they cannot be online during the time of the presentation. We are not just a giant machine, we are a collection of individuals. Rather than the company dictating a corporate culture and controlling how the line of internal comms should flow, the BlogHub allows employees to better understand messaging by communicating with people whose opinions matter.

It is the center of where people go to get information on benefits or org charts. Things like press releases, External internal communication of nokia campaigns and blogs are some of the main examples which spring to mind.

It flows within the organization. Instant messaging, support forums and intranets are now embedded in most organisations and represent a modern way for different departments, locations and businesses to connect.

Also found on breakout screens: By analyzing internal environment comprising of strengths and weaknesses and external environment comprising of threats and opportunities can help Nokia decide future strategies.

One of the primary ways that is accomplished is via a voting mechanism, enabling employees to rate blog posts, with the most popular entries rising to the top. To facilitate the people finder, the BlogHub contains a useful search engine where employees can seek out information relevant to them. Due to complex and challenging environment Nokia is faced with several strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Video conferencing is another tool used by the company, allowing for real time communication between its global HQ in Finland to various regional offices.

Environmental and Social factors: Nokia abides by all laws in countries in which it operates. This raises the added issue of addressing how staff communicate through their own personal channels while upholding the correct image of a company.

Internal Communication uses memo, circulars, staff news letter, fax, notice, minutes on meetings, video conferencing, presentations, seminars, agenda, manuals, etc. The former is used to guide, inform and motivate individuals to work efficiently for the success of the organization.

In keeping up the way employees are used to connecting outside the office, Nokia is currently in the process of making their employee directory more social. This is a two-way practice, with businesses having to market their own ideas to staff, who will in turn communicate their enthusiasm to potential customers.

Newsletters are kept to an electronic HTML format which, thanks to email, can be more easily distributed. Economic factor is important for all companies including Nokia as economic conditions prevailing in a country decide whether people of that country would be willing to make more purchases.

Internally, the company has introduced a useful resource called the VideoHub which has grown increasingly popular with employees allowing for postings to be updated on a daily basis. At Nokia North America, leadership also encourages employees to speak directly with their line managers to better understand organizational strategy and what role they can play in that strategy.

Definition of Internal Communication The communication is said to be internal, when the exchange of information, message, facts, opinions, etc.6 KPIs for internal communications External communication efforts are generally much simpler to measure.

Your marketing team can share social media metrics such as likes, follows and shares. Ultimately, the internal communications professional’s job is to contribute to overall company goals, which likely include increased sales.

Their annual Communications meeting is also made accessible in this manner, allowing the company to cut down on travel costs for large events.

So long to print. It’s no surprise that the rise in electronic media has led to a decline in print communication at Nokia. That’s a radical departure from traditional corporate communications and marketing which rely primarily on talking to an audience, rather than engaging with them.

in Social Media at Nokia. Non-degree program, Employee communications (internal communications) Non-degree program, Employee communications (internal communications) – Analysis and development of communications, photographing, multi cultural communication, professional writing, and Dreamweaver and InDesign mint-body.com: Internal communications lead.

External and Internal marketing environment analysis of Nokia Insert name (s) Course Instructor’s name Course Code Date of Submission External and Internal mark. BlogHub is Nokia’s powerful internal communication system that allows employees to create their own community through posts and videos.

Driven by the employees and not the executives, this blog allows for conversations at the grassroots level to occur.

External internal communication of nokia
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