Education never ends essay

Equally important is to train the moral sense. Click here to learn more. Learning in life should not be limited to within the realms of your school boundaries. Prophet Muhammad learned at the school of Nature and Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, knew through observation. A friend knows a special skill?

Always be willing to learn new things, discover the unfamiliar and venture into terrains that previously looked difficult or challenging.

A True Education Is a Never-Ending Process

There is so much to learn in life that it is virtually impossible to ever finish your education entirely. Perhaps the second step is to teach the child its mother tongue. In this way, the mind blossoms and opens out.

Has something intrigued you but you never had the time to explore it?

Essay on Education: Its means and ends

Tutorials ranging from cooking classes to how to learn Turkish can be found online. Keen observation through travelling and other means rather than books, experience rather than men, are the best educators and teachers. List the important points. This shows that you are committed to your job and the field that you are working in.

A mind that is both alert and sensitive will learn easily and readily from all kinds of experiences, whether from life or from books. The end of education is often mistakenly thought to be the furnishing of the mind. There lies the key to the future of education in our country.

Opening up the chocolate has made me realize how much I really do enjoy learning. Pursue another degree or take some extra classes. The Greeks at the centre of their educational system had the gymnasium. Not only must one think correctly and creatively; one must act rightly, as a matter of habit.

When you travel, you learn so much about the culture of the area you are visiting such as eating new foods, seeing spectacular sights, and experiencing history.

Why learning should never end

Books entail a large amount of information, the reason they have always been treasured by the wise as being knowledge banks. These are the first steps.Education is not only imparted in schools and colleges.

President Abraham Lincoln spent less than a year at a school, and yet he was the author of the great Gettysburg speech.

Essay on Education: Its means and ends. It is something that never ends; you can never learn too much.

A Journey of Learning

There is something new out there to learn each and every day we wake up in the morning. Education is what teaches people right and wrong/5(11).

Having a college degree or a high school education is never the end of a true education. In order to stay competitive in the job market and to stay in touch with the world as it continually evolves, you need to continue to develop your skills.

Education Never Ends The Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, They say a Harvard education maylast a lifetime. Decoding the College Essay: Four Tips from an Admissions Expert.

Why learning should never end. Life is a never ending learning process. Learning in life should not be limited to within the realms of your school boundaries. It should extend beyond as it is a beautiful enriching experience which widens the horizons of your mind and enhances your thinking capabilities.

A Journey of Learning. Allie - North Canton, Ohio. Entered on December 5, it may seem cliché that what I believe in is an education. However it is not simply getting an education that I believe in.

Rather, it is how you get it and what you do with it that is most important. I believe that learning is a road that never ends.

Education never ends essay
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