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Big corporate giants sponsor a cricket match and give great prizes to the good performances. Tendulkar is the hero of the young generation. Today, cricket offers a good career opportunity. India ended the innings at Indian Team decided to bat first. But it is such a favourite game of the people that within no time it regained its lost popularity.

It is equally popular in the West as it is in India. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. Last winter, I along with one of my friends, went to see the final match of between India and Pakistan at Eden Garden in Kolkata.

It is enjoyed by bursting of crackers.

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It appeared that it was the occasion of some festivals. On such days people have nothing to discuss but cricket.

I went back home with the hilling memories of the memorable match. Everything was back on the track. Cricket is a highly lucrative game.

There is firework with every shot and every catch.

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People are overjoyed at the win of the Indian team. Cricket players are worshipped like hero. In fact, Tendulkar has become a brand name. The match started with the toss winning by Indian Cricket Team. Every young boy wants to become a Tendulkar. Today, cricket has become a passion.

There were celebrations all around. Whenever a cricket match is held particularly India-Pakistan match, the whole atmosphere is changed.

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Governments offer handful gifts to the good performances. The young generation devotes their lots of time and energy in trying to shape their career as a cricketer.

It once appeared that the match is going to end soon. We can see children playing cricket in villages and towns.

But Shoaib Malik made a good score. The Pakistani team failed to give a good start. The whole nation wears a festive look. In India, many people take leave to enjoy the game of cricket particularly if it is being played between India and Pakistan.

People lost attraction for the game. But due to tactful fielding and bowling of the Indian team, the Pakistani team could not save the match and their innings ended at with all the batsmen out and eight balls to spare.

But Irfan Pathan and Sreesanth did well to bring the team back to a good position. It brings name, fame, wealth and money. Then the middle order batsmen performed well which helped Pakistan to gain a challenging position.

When the Indian team wins, there is a great show of fireworks. The stadium was packed to its capacity with cricket fans.

Children have great fascination for cricket.Free sample essay on A Cricket Match. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world.

It is equally popular in the West as it is in India. Cricket players are worshipped like hero. We can see children playing cricket in villages and towns. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. Meaningful Object Essay. Posted on: October 29, ; By: Talia Rosen; With: 0 Comments; Draped around my neck is a delicate blue hand hanging from a thin silver chain.

A hamsa, is a decorative Jewish symbol which represents the hand of G-d. Not only does my necklace remind me of my homeland, Israel, but also reminds me that I am.

Posts Tagged ‘what object holds importance for you? Write about a sentimental object.’ Write an essay about one’s significance. 3. and why? Describe it using your senses and emotions. 4. In the writing project you are working on now, write about a meaningful object for your main character, a minor character, and even the.

Free Essays on Descriptive Essay On a Place Or Object That Is Meaningful. Get help with your writing. 1 through As an only child who lived a good distance away from her best friends, I spent many of my early years creating playmates for myself. However, the Christmas after I turned five, my grandmother brought me Cricket.

Personal Narrative Essay: Describing an Important Object American Cultural Studies 32 – Mr. Nulf Holden chose to describe Allie’s baseball mitt because it had tremendous sentimental value to him. It was a material object that he cherished. descriptive words for each thing.

Cricket descriptive essay meaningful object that
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