Aztec vs. inca essay

Since it is know that there are many similarities and differences between the organization of the Incas and the Aztecs. As we know, our ancients, the Incas, were polytheists because they believed in different gods such as the sun and the moon; likewise, the Aztecs believed in three main gods and in many others that there were not too important as the first three but they were also a part of their rituals.

As a second difference of both cultures I can mention that the Aztecs made sacrifices to adore their god named Huitzilppochtli, and these sacrifices were humans different from the Incas since they did not practice human sacrifices to adore their gods. And in the case of the Aztecs the language they used was the Nahuatl, a language that was very different from other cultures that developed near the Aztecs.

The first aspect is that both controlled a large empire which was divided into regions and each region had a governor. To sum up, the Incas and the Aztecs were pretty similar in some aspects like their organization, beliefs and technology but also different talking about the area they governed, sacrifices and language.

But, what it is essential for the people who are descendants of these cultures is to know perfectly more about their ancients and the relation that their cultures had with others. Both civilizations were an important part of the history of the humanity. To star, I can say that the Incas and the Aztecs are similar in some aspects.

Another aspect related with similarities of these two wonderful civilizations is their religion.

As we noticed, although the Incas and the Aztecs have been developed in different parts of America they have some similar characteristics. Something that nowadays is still investigated since it could not be leveling. In the case of the Incas they used Quechua and the learning of this language was just for the relatives and the royal family of the emperor.

Not only the Chinapas but also the Andenes were developed to grow corn and to provide food for all the population. However, they were also different. Instead of that they made like a tremendous party named Inti Raymi. Some aspects in which both civilizations were different was the area they governed, the sacrifices they did and their language.

I guess that we need to know about our ancients because they created a wonderful organization that should be follow nowadays since in some points it is better than the government we had in the last years. Two of the most famous cultures in America are the Aztecs and the Incas.

First of all, the Aztecs governed an area that was extended around the lands that nowadays is Mexico City, while almost at the same time in the 16th century the Incas were developing their culture in a big area that covered Peru. Even though they did not have a technology as we have today, they could make a good organization with hundreds and hundreds of people.history essay about which is better aztec or inca.

mdsbro. Main. Similar Questions. Field: History homework help. Report Issue. Do some research on both aztec and inca familarize yourself with them both and then decide which you think is Within the essay you should have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and should.

The Aztec Empire collapsed in the face of the Spanish invasion together with their respective native allies. The Maya more or less just disappeared.

Theories for reasons why have been based around possible drought, overpopulation, trade routes cut ect. Compare and Contrast Essay: Aztec and Inca Thesis: During the 13 th and 16 th century where the Aztec and Inca civilizations thrived, both civilizations had a different style of record keeping style using different inventions such as the quipu for records, difference in form of agriculture relative to their geography, and deviating rituals and beliefs such as.

Who's better Aztec vs. Inca Essay The geography is in my opinion perfect.

Crops grow well with enough rainfall and temperatures are adaquit. Also the chinampas or floating gardens provide space for crops that are consistently watered by the lake they sit on. The Maya, Aztec, and Inca all had a similar class structure.

An emperor or ruler was at the top of the pyramid. Following him were the nobles, priests, and in the case of the Aztec, the military commanders. The Aztecs of Mexico and the Inca of Peru both had great empires. There were many similarities between the two along with many differences. The Inca had built a vast civilization spanning more than miles north to south.

Aztec vs. inca essay
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