Ae help writing task 1 line

The bar graph enumerates the money spent on different research projects while the column graph demonstrates the fund sources over a decade, commencing from Finish at the end, with the last year shown.

For example, I noted that the downward group experienced more changes than the upward one so I will write the downward group separately in the second paragraph. The diagram shows employment rates among adults in four European countries from to Not a good sentence.

Do not give all the figures. At a first glance, it is clear that more percentages of native university pupils violated regulations and rules than the foreign students did during this period. Or summarise the line trends over the second half of the period.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Line graphs (Academic)

So make sure that you reserve at least 5 minutes to check both essays. Your introduction should be quite impressive as it makes the first impression to the examiner.

It can be clearly observed that The line graph illustrates the proportion wrong word. Select key numbers only. The given pie charts represent the proportion of male and female employees in 6 broad categories, dividing into manual and non-manual occupations in Australia, between and None of the numbers shown are in percentages.

The first is the upward group comprising Italy and Portugal with the recorded decrease in CO2 level while the remaining nations are in the downward group. As noted in step 1, there are two main trends of CO2 emissions per person: Generally speaking, more men were engaged in managerial positions in than that of women in New York in this year.

IELTS Writing Task 1

The General statement is the first sentence or two you write in your reporting. It could be plainly viewed that The diagram presents information on the percentages of teachers who have expressed their views about different problems they face when dealing with children in three Australian schools from to The graph gives figure As an overall trend, the number of crimes reported increased fairly rapidly until the mid-seventies, remained constant for five years and finally, dropped to 20 cases a week after Actually, it seems to be the easiest type of charts because it presents changes and tendency which are extremely clear to identify and write about.

IELTS Sample Charts (IELTS Writing Task 1)

However, the figure for Germany wrong usage was higher than the other money spent almost all the time surveryed. Inthere was a steady jump not a good phrase. Althought the lines of 2 nationsthe line of the US higher than China.

Write Body paragraphs for line graphs A standard writing task 1 essay should contain 2 body paragraphs, so my basic strategy to them is: It should always deal with: In the same year, the money spent on books in France was high, compared to Italy, about 75 and over 50 million dollars respectively.

By doing this, I can group these 4 countries into 2 categories.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Tips, Videos, Model Answers & Info

Generally speaking, citizens in the USA had a far better life standard than that of remaining countries. You need to be careful in spacing. Now, turning to the details If you do do, you would be penalised. Now I will use paraphrasing technique to write an introduction The graph below gives information about the amount of greenhouse gas emissions CO2 per person on the average basis in four European countries over a year period.

Summarise the line trends over the first half of the period to somewhere around the middle of the graph. From tothe birth rate of the US fluctuated Fluctuate is not an appropriate word. Getting back to the details You need to write 3 or 4 paragraphs. Despite some minor fluctuations, wrong word the figure for money spent on books in Germany was highest, comma splice error it rose missing words a peak wrong word of about 97 million dollars in Secondly, try to spot the highest UK and lowest Portugal items.Aug 11,  · Writing Task 1 - Line Graph.

Help Me, Please. Thanks!!! Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition Writing 1; The graph shows the amount of money spent on books in Germany, France, Italy and Austria between and Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make.

Describing line graph is one of the most frequent tasks in IELTS Writing task 1 test. Actually, it seems to be the easiest type of charts because it presents changes and tendency which are extremely clear to identify and write about. However, if you do not prepare for it, you may be in trouble with this graph.

Apr 27,  · IELTS Writing Task 1: line graph 'details' tips. After writing your introduction and overview paragraphs, you need to describe the information in detail. I hope I can help my friends to enhance their language skills so that they can pursue their goals in life.

I render my sincere appreciation to you. Sincerely, L.K. The general format for writing academic writing task 1 is as follows: Introduction + Basic/ General Trends + Details Description + Summary (optional).

Each part has a specific format and therefore being equipped with the necessary vocabulary will help you answer the task 1 efficiently and will save a great deal of time.

Jul 11,  · You should spend about 20 minutes on this graph below compares changes in the birth rates of China and the USAbetween and Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and makecomparisons where at least words.

The line graph shows birth. Academic writing task 1 is a report on a chart (bar chart, line graph, pie chart, table, map, diagram/process).

General Training writing task 1 is a letter. GT tips can be found at the bottom of the page.

Ae help writing task 1 line
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